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The Carol Duvall Show

Hello all. I’ve been featured on the Carrol Duval show and thought
I’d share my experience with the group. ( I have been asked by
several people if it was “worth doing” or not)

The process of getting to them  the they needed and

dates set up took more of my time than I would have liked, but maybe
because I’m less organized than I should be and/or am too particular
about the The day of the shoot went very smoothly.
Took about 1/2 day, interviewer was well prepared. I was very
pleased with the results of the final production…especially the
close up shots of the work. disappointing was the fact that no one
notified me when the program was to air, so I missed it!
Receiving inquiries from viewers was my first notice. The result
of the airing? It has been shown several times; each time I receive
many inquiries about where to get materials/instruction and I refer
them to the Enamelists Society or the local guilds or the suppliers
I deal with personally. I have received many inquiries regarding
purchase of my work, which may have had resulted in sales. I have
had a number of people at shows remark that they recognize my work
from having seen the show. Because I don’t have a truly interactive
website of my own ( Silverhawk has been very helpful!) and because
the pieces are costly the show hasn’t had a significant impact for
me financially

Overall: Do it if you have the inclination and can find the time,

it’s a well done showcase for your work, but don’t expect some
kind of huge reward as a result of it. Maybe if you DO have a
website set up for sales and your work is easy to order it actually
will generate a lot of sales…I can’t comment there.

just fyi, Marianne Hunter