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The beauty of bronze wool

Hello all!

Do you hate dealing with 0000 steel wool like I do? It rusts, it’s dusty, and the fine wire attaches
itself to steel tools (they especially like my gravers). Yuk. I just tried some fine bronze wool and
it works great, and with far less dust! It even leaves sterling with a glossier surface than steel
wool since it’s softer. I ordered this small package to try it and will be reordering a larger
quantity soon.

Have a pleasant weekend.


Jeffery- Ooooo! thank you for that tip!!!
PS I just love the new ForThe Love of Jewelers Video and photos that Rio has of you.

Bronze will is used in furniture refinishing and anywhere restoration work is done on wooden boats. It is necessary for a Bristol Finish on marine bright work.

Don Meixner

Hi Jeffrey,

I checked Amazon for bronze wool and came up with a similar product by Homax. It’s a bit less expensive so do you think the quality would not be as good as the Lustersheen bronze wool?



Mr. Herman - Thank you for sharing this tip.


Leave Amazon and do a Google search, you’ll find

Both brands are sold on that website which has a lot of information although it does not address your question.

It appears to me that Lustersheen might be a European product and Rhodes American (Homax), is made in the USA.

Comparing prices and weights of the various packages provided by both companies shown on the website had some surprising results.

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I think my original information regarding origin was wrong.

It appears the Lustersheen is made in the USA and the Rhodes American (Homax) might be made in China.

My local hardware store sells bronze wool (different brand). I will pick up some and give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

Lustersheen is made in Maine.

Hello Brenda,

Lustersheen and Rhodes are both made of .002” bronze. I haven’t tried the Rhodes which is made in China. Though more costly I plan on sticking with the Lustersheen made in Maine.


My feeling is that the only way to tell how it will work is to try it… I say this because I have found HUGE differences in different brands of “0000” steel wool!

Awesome tip. Thank you. I will be trying it.

Thanks so much for the tip! I’ll definitely try the Lustersheen!

Karen d.

FWIW – I wanted to try both the fine and medium. Through the bay it would have been $14.12 w/shipping for 4 pads (2 each), but through the lustersheen online site it was $16.65 w/shipping for 6 pads (3 each).

Yes, I have some and I love the stuff also - BUT use gloves as it tends to have a greater tendency to get tiny micro-slivers under skin and then they tend to fester - or so I have have heard.
Marty Hykin

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Not sure if my reply got through first time. Good stuff BUT I believe it has a tendency to get slivers into skin and they tend to fester or irritate more than steel wool - so gloves advised.

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