The bad news

Sharon, in England, a boot of a car is the trunk. So a carboot sale
is like what we in Canada would call a flea market sale.

Barbara, on a day when the warblers were heading south

Sounds like fun, but, what is a "carboot" 

Barbra has already answered your question.

As she said its a UK way of describing a one morning or day sale, by
anyone that wants to take part with anything they want to get rid

you turn up with your car full of stuff unload it and hope you dont
have to take it home again!!.

Rent per car is usually $5.

They have grown up over the past 25 yrs into a social phenomenon,
where regular as in house clearance folk and antique!! so called
dealers move stock thay cant otherwise sell in a fancy shop.

as well as ordinary folk turning unwanted stuff into cash.

Generally held over a weekend day, on any open grond or field in or
near a town.

Also schools, charities, and the like run them to raise funds for
good causes.

As mentioned in my post, the Tues one is run by a farmer friend and
yesterday I met up with a dealer I know who had a badly damaged
locket, probably early Victorian, around 150 yrs old in pinchbeck,
$2. got it home and restored it, a most satisfying thing to do but
quite uneconomic.

It had been well made, the chenier on the back part was broken off,
missing, so that was a challenge to make and fit so it works again.

My guess it was a homer made in base metal in a production works in
the B’hanm jewellery quarter. They would have been made in official
!! works time in sterling or gold.

Bootsale is another way of saying “trunk-sale”! Same thing, but in
English terms.

Sharon Thompson- I love dentists. They are often frustrated

My favorite Cuz Dr. Eddy Sherman, AKA “Daddy Doc”, is a retired
dentist from Summerfield Louisiana. About 30 years ago he gave me a
GIANT bag of gold teeth and a hand full of plastic duck calls he’d
gotten from a fellow in Monroe. This man’s wife needed dental care
and as Eddy said "They were snake poor. I traded these for Miss
Kate’s teeth. " I replica cast the thing in it’s two pieces in 18 kt
gold. It weighed almost a pound and a half. The casting even had the
name embossed come out perfectly. Put the reeds in and it worked! The
name on the call? Those of you who watch American TV have probably
guessed by now.Commander Reacher from Duck Dynasty.

Cousin Eddy asked me to solder a jump ring on the top so that he
could wear it around his neck while hunting. “Eddy, what happens if
you drop it into the lake?” “Aw hell. I’ll just drain it. It’s MY
lake.” Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Sounds like fun, but, what is a "carboot" 

Like a flea market, but instead of tables, people sell out of the
boot, or trunk of their car.


I love your story! My Dentist/Employer was 3rd generation, so he had
all Dad & Granddad’s stuff. He kept a small suite in his office
decorated in this really lovely pink & grey Art Deco style dental
equipment from the 1940’s that had been in the family since it was
new. Eventually he donated it to the local historical society. But
that was before he bought his warehouse. Seems many dentists I’ve met
are BIG collectors (read hoarders with means). He collected anything
auto related, including some fine Cadillac’s & Corvettes that he
tooled around town in on the weekends, and outgrew his home. So he
bought a warehouse, and moved all his treasures there. It was broken
into, so he installed security cameras, mainly to scare the would-be
bad guys. But that didn’t work (I suspect it was someone who knew him
& his comings / goings) (chronically unemployed brother) so he set up
a living area in the warehouse, and spent most of his free time
there working on hobbies, and admiring his ‘stuff’. He slept there
and left his beautiful beach house empty! He also owned rental homes,
and had ‘a small hardware store’ worth of parts & pieces. He’s 67,
and never married, but someday someone will inherit it all. I wonder
if they will find the gold zoo?

Those Duck Dynasty guys are all over the place, but a 1.5# 18k duck
call?!?! Whoa! Thanks for your amusing story!