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The Art of Gold Catalog Available for Sale


The Art of Gold Catalog Is Available for Sale

A beautifully designed four-color catalog accompanies SNAG’s current
tour ing exhibition, "The Art of Gold,94 published by Exhibits USA,
the compa ny managing the tour.

The forty-page catalog is available for purchase for $20 plus $3
shipping/h andling fee per catalog. All inquiries and purchases
should be directed to Janice Down, SNAG Business Office, 4513 Lincoln
Avenue, #213, Lisle, IL 60 532-1290, (630) 852-METL [6385], Checks and Visa/ Mastercard accepted.

The catalog showcases 36 pieces, from the 79 pieces featured in the
exhibit ion. The catalog essays are by Michael Monroe, curator, and
Bruce Metcalf. The catalog also contains a complete exhibition

The "Art of Gold94 catalog was made possible by generous donations
from The Art Jewelry Forum, The Webb Roven Foundation, Anne and
Ronald Abramson, The Richard and Kate Witkin Fund, SNAG, Daphne
Farago, Beth Pollack, Barba ra Waldman and Dennis Winter, Louis and
Sandra Grotta, Samuel and Eleanor R osenfeld, and Flora Book, with
seed money from ExhibitsUSA. Donald Friedli ch deserves SNAG’s
heartfelt appreciation for raising the money to underw rite the

"The Art of Gold94 is a survey exhibition of contemporary American
golds mithing, curated by Michael Monroe. The exhibition began its
multiple-year tour on January 23 at the Crocker Museum in Sacramento.

(406) 728-5248