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The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry

Hi Everyone!

I just finished a new Jewelry Calendar and I’d love your feedback.
The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry 2008 features fine silver
jewelry from some of today’s most innovative jewelry artists. Each
page beautifully illustrates what can be done with this
revolutionary new material called Metal Clay, which is in essence a
moldable precious metal of pure silver or gold. It is then
transformed into jewelry that is studded with gems, precious stones,
and pearls and sculpted into true art. Each page gives the reader
insights to the individual artist’s world either through the images
in the jewelry or commentary aside the photograph. Additionally,
throughout the months you will find important dates of interest such
as jewelry conferences and competition deadlines of particular
interest to the metal clay artist. This calendar is a must have for
jewelry lovers and makers alike.

I hope you will take a look.

Gage Designs