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The amazing Anita Porchet

This is one of the enamel artists that I really find inspiring. In
the rarefied world of watch dial making, she is truly in the top

A quiet, unassuming master of her trade.

Cheers, Hans

Thank you for sending on the links to Anita Porchet’s work. As you
say, she is indeed amazing. I am totally in awe of what she is
accomplishing. Alma

Hans, thanks for this reference. I have tried enamels (as have most
jewelers) and though I find them fun to do (really casual things) I
had no idea there was a soul who existed who would be such a
perfectionist and produce such unbelievable things. I did enjoy
reading about all she did and she is truly a master at her craft.
Thanks ever so much for this very informative post.