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The Allure Of Gemstones

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The Allure Of Gemstones - Keeping The Sparkle In Your Asset
By Antoinette Matlins

Article originally published on on August 21,

“To tell the truth there is no fraud or deceit in all the world
which yields greater gain and profit than that of counterfeiting
gems.” From The 37th Book of the Historie of the World by Pliny, 77

Whenever stock markets fluctuate widely and global economic
forecasts are uncertain, there is stronger interest in tangible
assets. Diamonds and colored gemstones are among the rarest and most
desired of all things and have also performed well historically, so
it is no surprise that they are again gaining the attention of
investors, who have an unusual opportunity today. Changes in the
types of gemstones now on the market also put investors at greater
risk however; the term “natural” is used only to distinguish gems
created by nature from “synthetic” gems made in labs or factories.
Today, most “natural” gems are, in reality, treated in some way.

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