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The 6th Orchid dinner

Wow! What a wonderful night! I walked into the restaurant knowing
absolutely no one, and came out feeling rich w/friends. Thank you
Sam, and all that helped you put this together. I’m sorry I didn’t
make it to you store, perhaps next year? A special thanks to Pat for
not outbidding me on the drusy. :slight_smile: I have a couple pictures I hope
to post in the near future for all to access if they would like. For
those of you that have never been to the gem show, I gotta tell you,
it’s overwhelming! I had a great time, lots of friendly people, good
conversation, and most important of all, great purchases. I hope to
put all these goodies to use so I’ll have to attend again next year!
Until later…Lisa – Lisa Hawthorne

Dear Orchidians,

Dana Singer here, the executive director of SNAG. I apologize for
my delay in sending this email (I’ve been traveling for most of the
month and sent it to the wrong address last week).

I had the pleasure of coming to my first Orchid dinner in Tucson.
I’ve been receiving Orchid since Charles Lewton-Brain, Karen
Christians and Anne Hollerbach told me about it a couple of years
ago. I’ve learned a lot from it, not the least of which is what an
amazing community this is.

I was Karen’s guest in Tucson, and in turn I hosted several SNAG
members (Kristin Beeler, Cindy Sumner and Maureen Zappellini). I
loved being there, and had a great time. The comraderie and
affection in that room was quite touching and I left profoundly

SNAG and Orchid have much to share, and I hope to be exploring some
collaborative ideas in the future. Charles is going to write
something for SNAG News, using Hanuman’s letter that Alan Revere
read to us at the dinner. We could create a great synergy between

Thank you for welcoming me to the fold that night.

All best,