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The 2008 Orchid Dinner

Hello Orchidians and especially Hanuman and Ton,

Last night the Orchid Dinner was a wonderful event. I must tell
Terrie Masters, that we missed you. It was a disappointment that
Hanuman and Ton were not able to make it this year either, but the
group was as convivial as ever.

Charles Lewton-Brain gave a short welcome speech and then encouraged
everyone to continue conversing. So, we did! At our table, everyone
passed around their jewelry pieces and answered questions about
construction, except for Bill (Reactive Metals) who passed around a
set of nifty metal samples. He answered some technical questions
about metals.

Some WONDERFUL silent auction items. I was beat out on a jumpring
maker from Pepe tools - darnit - but did win some killer cabs from
Sam Patania. (It just occurs to me that I missed Sam at the dinner.)
I hope that Pat will let us know about the “take” from the auction.

So far as the shows, in general things seemed as crowded as in the
past. Even though the Interstate ramps are closed, traffic was no
worse. The shuttles were busy, for sure. The weather was chilly for
a couple days, but the temps have returned to sunny 70s and everyone
is enjoying that.

Well, that’s it for now. Signing off from Tucson,

Judy in Kanss
Judy M. Willingham, R.S.