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Thanks to Orchid

thanks and a happy new year to you too! also thank you for Orchid it is a great forum.

to Dr Aspler and all; i wanted to add my good wishes to all, and
thanks for having a place to come where there are no dumb
questions, there is always a free exchange of ideas and there
are friends.

Dear Hanuman - HAPPY NEW YEAR and the Millenium onwards. Thanks
for all the time spent on Orchid, and special thank for all the
suggestions I have found them very helpful, and to the point. — John Burton

What a wonderful forum - In such a short time with you - I have
learned so much! Health and happiness to all this New Year! Thank
you to each of you who write. You are all teachers.

L.J. Smole, White Fox Workshop, Ozark Mountains

Happy New year… Thanks for all the great people in orchid…
may 2000 bless you all with Gods strength and prosperity… Keep
working to bring our art into the light…God knows we don’t get
enough reconition for our efforts…PEACE…RINGMAN

Yes I can Karen :wink: I feel much the same strange sense of
community to a bunch a people I hardly ever met.

Sat 01st January 2000 08:10am

B r i a n A d a m J e w e l l e r y E y e w e a r
@Brian_Adam1 ph/fx +64 9 817 6816 NEW ZEALAND

Dr. Aspler, thanks for all of the great work in directing this
list. I want to wish you and all my fellow Orchidites a happy
new year and the best of luck in the new year.

Thanks to everyone and cheers!

Bryan Steagall
El Paso, Texas
(singing “It’s the end of the world as we know it… and I feel fine”)

Hello All, I would like to wish everyone on Orchid a safe and
happy new year. In the year or so I’ve been on Orchid, I think
I’ve made more friends than in my entire life. Jewelers, after
all, spend a lot of time alone (while focused on the job at
hand). Having an Orchid family is a great thing. Thank you all. Tom Arnold

I wish everyone on this list a terrific New Year. You can’t
imagine how you have all enriched my life.

Karen Christians
10 Walnut St.
Woburn, MA 01801

Current Artwork:

Dear Dr. Hanuman Thank you so very much from one who reads the
posts voraciously (and veraciously - in search of truth about
techniques [ :slight_smile: ]. I cannot begin to express how much Orchid
has meant to me and helped me so I will just also thank all those
who expressed it so much more concisely and eloquently than I am
able to do. Wishing you all, Orchid staff and participants, a
very happy healthy New Year. Shael

Thanks, Dr. Aspler, for this wonderfull forum. It has been a
vehicle increase awareness of critical issues in our field, to
help those who are sincerely interested in learning, and to
grumble about the things that get under our professional skins.
I am personally most grateful. Happy New Year, Orchidians!

David L. Huffman (a day off at last! . . oops, forgot about all
that trade work, oh well, maybe next year. . . hey that’s

Dr. Aspler, Hanuman, My thanks and wish for a wonderful New Year,
is more to recognize you and this Forum as a humanity unifying

We freely speak to, and with one another, unfettered by any form
of prejudice. We are of many, or no religious persuasion. Our
skin color does not inhibit our sharing of skills. You have given
us the freedom to communicate on a level not yet available in any
other venue. You are a pioneer, and we are participants.

Let the Millenneum begin a real effort to live in Peace with
respect for all our fellow men/women. Teresa

To the members and those who maintain Orchid,

Even though I have not found the time to fully participate -
being slightly overwhelmed by the process of putting together
and opening our school - I have managed to read almost every
post to Orchid…

I have found this forum and the archives to be priceless! The
sheer quantity and quality of available is mind
boggling. Combined with the advice of experts (those who make a
day to day living at this trade) there is almost nothing you can
ask, that someone in Orchid cannot help you with… or at least
point you in the right direction.

I beleive that this forum has/will change the way in which bench
jewelers think about themselves, the quality of their product,
and the profession in general. It has done that for me.

There are some pretty exceptional members of this forum. Without
them, and their willingness to share and direct newcomers, as
well as showing some “old timers” a better way or reminding them
of things they knew but may have forgotten (As has happened to
me, more than a few times on this forum!) we would all be
working in the “vacuum” of the past several decades… when most
of this was not shared - nor discussed - nor debated.

Thanks to all of you who have participated. One of my
"resolutions" for the coming year is to become more active on
this forum. I owe all of you…

Brian P. Marshall
Stockton Jewelry Arts School
708 W. Swain Rd.
Stockton, CA 95207
209-477-6535 Workshops/Classrooms

Thanks to Hanuman for making Orchid a reality and keeping it
going. This is a wonderful community to be a small part of. Best
wishes to all for a great year. Joel


Dear Hunamin, Thanks for taking the responsibility of this forum.
And thanks to all the people who are willing to share their
knowledge and experience. Have a happy New Year and a healthy
one. Steve Ramsdell

Happy New Year to Hanuman and all of you who take the time to
respond to all the queries, offer advice, and share
your expertise patiently and articulately with us newer, less
experienced jewelers. Have a happy, healthy, successful 2000,

–Madeline, Arts Umbrella Studio

Hi Hanuman and the Orchidian Gang, This is to wish all of you all
the best for the New Year and a BIG thank you for Hanuman for
having this wonderful site.

Ahmed Shareek e-mail
Crescent Gems

Row 26, Mezzanine floor, Holiday Inn City Center. Bring a copy of
a Orchid E-mail to redeem

Thank you for letting us lurkers lurk and learn and learn and
learn. Merry Millennium and a happy, healthy 2000 to all. Johanna

Thank you Hanuman and Charles for providing such a wonderful
helpful forum. Thank you Orchid members for your help and
support. May you all have a healthy happy New Year full of
wonder, discovery and magic. Stephane

Hello all! I just want to thank all of you for so much
enlightenment and thought provoking discussion. I became
involved for the opportunity to pick up some tips and
This past year has produced mega knowledge, with
spirit! More than I had anticipated. Thank you! Tim