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Thanks- oxidizing gold

HI to all you great people for the help. It turned out that he
(customer)had let another jeweler polish it up for him. Since I
am an enamelist, he thought the black was enamel. (not on 14 Kt!)
Anyway, he polished the whole pendant which was a ducks
unlimited design, part of which (the duck head)was high polish
and the other part of the pattern was sandblasted, so lost all
detail and the black lacquer in the recessed areas. So I went
with the easy out. I used epoxy stained black, repolished it,
then sandblasted the design again. It looks like new. Will warn
him not to let another jeweler touch it. I am only a few blocks
away, and he is a big promoter for Ducks Unlimited. Thanks again
for the great suggestions and I have filed them away for future
work. Pat