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Thanks Orchididans!

A big thank you to all Orchidians who contributed to last night’s
Second annual fund raiser for the National Foundation for Ectodermal
Dysplasias! My little niece, Jade has this disease. She is missing
one eye, has s hards of bone instead of teeth, several of her toes
and fingers are webbe d or mall-formed, she may never develope
breasts, sweat glands, or grow h air. Several weeks ago I put an
email on Orchid asking for donations of jewelry to be auctioned at
last night’s event. Many WONDERFUL orchidians generously responded
with beautiful donations of hand made jewelry! Eve ryone at the NFED
was deeply touched by all the generous donations, and l ast nights
event raised over $300,000!!! Every gernous soul will be reciv ieng a
personal note of thanks but I wanted to share this great news with
all of Orchid. God (Goddess? Higher power? Great Spirit?..?) Bless
you all!