Thanks Orchid, and Thanks Gerry Lewy

There is yet another fantastic person here on Orchid that I want to
thank! Gerry Lewy, Thank you very much for sending me you setting
note! Gerry sent me an email after he read my open thank you to
Orchid and Wayne Emery. Gerry said he wanted to help, and needed my
address to send me his setting notes for Yom Kippur.

Well, I was shocked ! I have read his setting techniques in The
Bench, and here on Orchid, of course I wanted them.

They came the other day and I sat back and read every single page he
sent! Fantastic is an understatement. He also sent some notes on
casting with stones in place that are really detailed.

I only hope that I can reach a level in stone setting to be worthy
of Gerry’s good will and compassion. Thank you Gerry, and I am sure
God is smiling on you.

Dan Hamilton