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Thanks & Great book

Thank you for the great advice on selling to gallery owners. I feel
more confident now, and I can’t wait to apply it. When its your
work, its always hard to approach prospective buyers, the fear of
rejection, when its something so personal as your creation. At least
I know how to go about this in a more productive way. Thank you!

I found a great book for just about anyone one is relatively new to
jewelry, or wants to brush up on some techniques, The Complete Book
of Jewelry Making by Carles Codine. Its a book from a Spanish
jeweler. Full color close ups of the part of the technique you needed
to see( not the part that you already know), along with some really
inspiring pieces. It covers the basics of soldering, enameling, wax,
ect., and has formulas for pitch and neillio, repouse tech, and specific
projects. The publisher is Larkbooks.