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Thanks for the Dinner


I would like to thank Dave Arens for his willingness to organize the
Orchid dinner and take on the role of host. The evening was memorable
and fun. Putting on any event during the GLDA show at the city center
Holiday Inn took persistence and energy. Muchos Gracias Dave.

John McLaughlin
Glendale, Arizona


I want to say Thank You to Dave Arens for doing such a great job with
the Orchid dinner. It was no easy task getting things organized in
Tucson during the gem shows. It was wonderful to meet such a vast array
of artist. Eileen DelDuca


I would like to add my heartfelt thanks to Dave Arens as expressed so
well in John’s message and sentiments. It was great fun and so
wonderful to put faces and names together. Thanks, Dave! And to all
those there, thank you so much for being part of Orchid. I am still
sorting through the messages I got on email while away. Shael Barger


Shael, Yes wasn’t it wonderful. Next time I am sure we will need a
ballroom. The power of internet communication is amazing. With Dr.
Asplers efforts we have a community of caring and sharing people. Dave
facilitated a few of us meeting face to face.

Here is to next year.



Just Reached Home a Few hours ago from my trip to the otherside of
the world , Firstly I would like to thank Dave Arens for making our
special get to gether possible and a big thank you for all those who
came for the Dinner, and also I do not want to forget my frineds who
came to my stall and made my show a sucess.

Thank you !
Ahmed Shareek