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Thanks and more gold questions

Having just delivered my first gold piece I have to thank
everybody who gave me advice. The little voice saying ‘go on, go
on’ as the colour passes that at which silver has become a puddle
has now been joined by another muttering ‘move the torch’ - yes I
melted the first bezel! That 9ct bezel is definitely hard - 18ct
from now on I think - another good suggestion.

I noticed a red surface discoloration following every heating
that could be easily sanded off and initially thought this was
copper plating out in the pickle (sulphuric acid) - a new batch of
sparex didn’t cure it so I now must assume that it is copper
coming out of the alloy, can I avoid this?

I keep seperate pickle solutions and buffs and clean files etc
between metals. Are there any other specific precautions I should
take now that I have gold as well as silver on the go - apart
from keeping scrap and sweeps apart of course.

Oh I just love this forum

Andy Parker - still wet and windy in Cumbria, England.