Thank yous and update [off topic]

Please let me thank all who offered prayers and positive wishes for
a successful cardiac procedure for our son last week. It is a
blessing to be part of this giving community.

During the cardiac catheterization the cardiologist determined that
the source of the arrhythmia is not near the heart lining as is more
typical, but that it is likely on the exterior surface of the heart
so they were unable to eradicate it at this time.

The 6 hour procedure did allow his doctor to do extensive "mapping"
of the electrical system and the distorted anatomy of Dave’s heart
which will be invaluable for the next procedure in a few
months. At that time his doctor will team with another expert and
they will be prepared to work on the heart’s surface if necessary to
eliminate the disruptive cells that are causing the arrhythmia.

Thanks again for your caring.

Pam Chott