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Thank You Rio for Catalog in Motion 2008

I wanted to thank Rio Grande for their Catalog In Motion show here
in Tucson during the gem show. It is consistently the best trade
show I have ever attended for the jewelry industry.

This year I concentrated on Bonny Doon which had 2 booths this year.
Phil Poier has really taken the Bonny Doon company to a new level.
Phil’s generosity and attention to the market he serves is exciting
to someone who uses BD tools daily. I was able to test the new
bracelet forming tools and talk in length to Phil about them and
other areas of concern. I ended up buying them since they fill a
need I have for forming heavy bracelets. I also looked at the new
Silhouette Die Plate sets and became very interested in them. I will
have to investigate them further but the CIM show allows me to see
them in action and talk to BD about them in a way I otherwise would
never have.

Some other people I always visit are Kate Wolfe, Barbara Carleton of
Jewelry Design Manager, Cindy Lichfield of Cloud Dome. I love to
talk to these people to find out what has developed in the past year
with their products since I use the products everyday.

Kurt Henson from Rio was also very helpful to me this year answering
questions about mass finishing products.

Thanks Rio,
Sam Patania, Tucson