Thank you Hanuman


Just thinking about Newbies and the experienced. I have been a
silversmith for decades. Yet every day I learn something. Due to the
generosity of the posters.

I like to add my own small info, but am small fry, compared to some
of the talent who give their time and wisdom.

Hanuman and the posters are saving this trade, all the gods be

all the best

I TOTALLY concur!! Thank you to ALL the lovely, generous people who
instruct, inspire, mentor and entertain. By day, I manage 10 people
at an independent health food store, in its 16th year of
business… by night, I make jewellery and occasionally lead
beginner workshops.

Two master jewellers, who are on the cusp of retirement have taken
me under their wing to share their wealth of knowledge. I have been
blessed – and intend to, one day, ‘pay it forward’.

I’m grateful.

Again, thanks,
Audrey Morgan

And I, as someone who joined years ago, still learn something new
every time I read the posts. I also am in awe of the talented folks
that want to help everyone who has a question.

Gerald Livings