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Thank you Dr. Aspler

Hi all,

I’d like to initiate a round of congratulations and thanks and
appreciation to Dr. Hanuman Aspler, without whom this place,
Ganoksin, and my tips pages would not exist.

Hanuman, the year you took off unpaid to build this place, your
untiring early morning editing of the list comments before you go
to work, your maintenance and subsidy of the site and all your
efforts to benefit us in the jewelry world are all most real and
appreciated. You can take comfort (without any false pride) that
your being and acting as a human are of benefit to others. Thank

The flow of and community engendered by your work
has made a real difference to all of us. Grinning just thinking
about it.

My very best wishes to you and your family for the New Year!

Chok Dee


Charles Lewton-Brain/Brain Press
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada
Tel: 403-263-3955 Fax: 403-283-9053 Email: @Charles_Lewton-Brain

Metals info download web site:
Book and Video descriptions:
Gallery page at:

Thank you all for those heart warming messages!

Happy Holidays

		Orchid Digest Post: 
		Thank you Dr. AsplerFrom: Teresa Masters <>

Charles, A well said and very well deserved tribute. Dr. Aspler
has made possible a universal exchange of fine over a
round the world network. I too thank him and wish him very well.

From: Mollie Arnette marnette@CITCOM.NET

Dear Dr. Aspler, Charles has voiced the same gratitude and
appreciation I have for you, this forum and the website in a most
eloquent fashion. Here! Here! I can’t personally thank you enough
for the positive impact this is having on me. I would also like
to add a note of thanks to all the members as well! Orchid is
certainly a high priority for me each and every day. Mollie
Arnette in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina USA

From: Brian Adam

I want to add my thanks to Hanuman Aspler for this wonderful
resource. It’s easily the most useful single part of the entire
Net for me.

’I’m dreaming of a dry Christmas’
B r i a n =A0 A d a m J e w e l l e r y E y e w e a r =A0 ph/fx +64 9 817 6816 NEW ZEALAND


May I add to the thanks for a marvelous website. As a result of
a request by a non-computer-familiar associate, I was able to
locate a source for Renaissance Wax and some viable
alternatives. My cranky computer suddenly revealed the glories
of the archives and the rest of the site. It is spectacular.
Thank you and thank you again.

From: “Joe Kilpatrick”


From: Karen Seymour-Ells

I have to admit, in general I don’t like to clutter the list and
tend to extend my thanks privately to those who have helped me.

In this case though a public acknowledgement is well deserved.
Thank-you Dr. Aspler for all you work to create and maintain this
wonderful site and listserve. Not only do I benefit from it but
many others who are not online have asked my advice and I have
been able to pass on valuable to them as well. I have
also made friends through this list that I have met in the "real"

At the time of year many of of pause to give thanks for the good
things in our lives, I want you to know that I consider this
site, it’s members and it’s creator as a regular, positive
experience in my life.

Happy Holidays


Chok Dee, Thank you Dr. Aspler for all your dedication and work
to keep the flowing. It is a remarkable achievement!
Johanna and Ellie Schmidt and family

I agree, Charles :slight_smile: I have had the opportunity to speak to Dr.
Aspler via Icq and he is a gracious and courteous person, as
evident by this fabulous list and This has been a
great year of learning and productive discourse. Here’s to the

You have our thanks and applause as well,

Terry Swift
Corydon, Indiana

DITTO: Thank You very much and have a great Holiday…


Dr. Asler I would also like to thank you for your time and
dedication to this site. I am fairly new to the Orchid clan and
have already benefited greatly from others. Wish you a season
full of peace and goodwill.

Katrina Barnett

Greetings: Allow me to add my thanks to those of others - not
only is the service of the list and ganoksin of inesteemable
value to all of us, but to me Dr. Aspler also showed a degree of
generosity that I much appreciated.

Regards, and best wishes for 1999,

Joe Bokor

Ditto, and Bravo.


Yet another toast, to Dr. Aspler and all the fine jewelers whose
contributions provide a first-class education (and almost
endless entertainment). Happy Hollidays, enjoy a well-deserved
day off - and how DO you get that shmutz off your hands?..

Hello All: I too would like to take a moment from a really good
and busy Christmas season to give a heart felt “THANK YOU” to
Dr. Aspler and Charles Lewton Brain and all members of this great
forum. This forum is by far the best source of on
being a bench jeweler that I have found. So many great minds and
giving people. I mean have you ever seen somebody type as much as
Peter Rowe. Peter, you are my idol, I mean it. I hope that
everyone is having a good season and I look forward to things
slowing down a bit soon.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

 I mean have you ever seen somebody type as much as Peter Rowe. 

Well Said Michael :slight_smile: Well, Peter, here’s a Holiday greeting from
a (now) well-informed hobbyist after reading your many
well-worded posts. As a huge contributor to this list, pat
yourself on the back (and talk to Hanuman about a raise ).
You give a great email lecture, keep it up , please :slight_smile:


Terry Swift
Corydon, Indiana

 and how DO you get that shmutz off your hands?... 

Ya don’t.

Why would you want to?

It’s a badge of honor, after all. It’s not just dirt. It’s

And getting it off is a lost cause anyway. You get most off
with any decent hand soap or goop hand cleaner or whatever. But
the fingernails and cuticles? forget em. Can’t be done. They
have to grow out… (grin)


I mean have you ever seen somebody type as much as Peter Rowe.
Peter, you are my idol, I mean it 


only trouble is, it takes time. Just think how much LESS
jewelry i make as a result. What does that mean. Hmm. “Those
that can, do, those that are too lazy to do, type?”… Or some
such. Most likely, it just means that I’m addicted to the net,
plus that when i get home at night, I’ve done enough jewelry for
the day at work, and my home shop sits far too idle. Some
idol… But hey. At least I’m not parked in front of a T.V.
soaking in the trash: either that coming from Washington D.C., or
that coming from the networks…

You guys do know, however, that if I ever happen to get
something going with a girlfriend, all this typing is gonna come
to a screeching halt, don’tcha know…

but i’m glad, anyways, that I seem to make a few of you happy
now and then.


(and talk to Hanuman about a raise ).

A raise? From whom? So far as I know, he does what he does as
a volunteer, just as I do. So we both can give ourselves raises
simply by multiplying our wages by whatever we wish. You know…
zero times whatever still equals zero.

Or did you mean a new pillow for the computer chair?


Merry Christmas.


Dear Dr Aspler, I too would like to thank you for the effort in
running Orchid. I would also like to thank alll those who so
willingly share their knowlege. I have learned so much.

All the best for the festive season and for 1999

Felicity in West Oz

Oh, yes! Thank you Dr. Aspler for all the time you take to make
this list possible! And thanks to all who share their knowledge,
frustrations, and experience. Can’t imagine what I would do
without my daily ‘fix’ of Orchid. Happy Holidays to all!

Nancy Bernardine Widmer
ICQ# 9472643
Bacliff, Texas US on the Gulf Coast where its finally cool weather

I join my voice with the chorus of thanks.
Alan Revere

I’ve only been here for a month, and already I’ve learned quite
a bit. Thank you, not only Dr. Aspler but all the other
knowledgeable and helpful people who post messages here.


I, also, have enjoyed your splendidly moderated forum on a
subject I find fascinating even though I have never put any of
the techniques into practice. If you were able to be paid in any
proportion to the pleasure I have gained from reading all the
posted messages, you would be directing the Dr. Aspler/Peter Rowe
Foundation for Intelligent Discourse on just about anything to do
with creating beauty. Come to think of it, that is what you do
for the rest of us! That is a gift and I thank you and wish both
of you all the blessings of the season and good fortune in the
new year.

Mary Carol Shannahan

Dear Dr Aspler,

Thank you very much for providing orchid to many people around
the world. I certainly learn alot and see the point of view of
various people. Please keep this open as you have tried very
hard. Once the system broke down a few months ago due to some
’virus’, you keep it open quickly within a few days which I must
take my hat off for you and your dedication. Although I do not
contribute much to this page but I always keep my eye and ear
open to opinion and trend of movement of thought and discussions.

Well done, Dr Aspler. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

By the way, did you receive a copy of the court case about the
maxixe beryl that I sent you long time ago?

With best regards,

Tay Thye Sun