Thank you Dr. Aspler, Charles, and Peter

I must join with others who have written to thank Dr. Aspler for
the work he does in moderating this discussion list. It is my
contact with “friends” every day, since I live where there is
little opportunity to associate with other people interested in
creating jewelry. Books have been my main source of information
before I became aware of this list, and they are wonderful
resources. But most problems I have are specific things not
addressed in books, and many people on Orchid have excellent
ideas on any questions I have had. Peter Rowe has given so much
great advice that I have increased my skills very much this year
by his prompt responses. Thank you so much, Peter. I finally
have all the ingredients and the mouth atomizer (hurray) to
start using the Pripps Flux I have made, and look forward to
eliminating one of my most annoying problems.

Happy Holidays to all, and again, my sincere thanks.

Sue Danehy
Northern New York State