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Thank you and Welcome to Durston Rolling Mills, our latest Platinum supporter

Hello Orchid community. We’re going to be introducing new Platinum supporters from time to time and letting them tell you what they do and answer any questions you may have.

Today we’d like to welcome W Durston LTD. They are the foremost manufacturer of Rolling Mills and forming products for the jewellery trade. Durston has been making Rolling Mills since the 1960s and are proud to say that worldwide they are the only known brand. The company has been run by Matthew Durston since 1991. Durston was founded by William Durston. William retired to Arizona in 1993

Thank you for supporting Orchid / Ganoksin!

If anyone has any questions about Durston rolling mills and other products, I’ve invited Matthew Durston (@durston) to participate in this thread.

Hi Leah,
Thank you so much for the introduction. We are proud to support Ganoksin.
Please if any one has questionms please ask away.

We have been asked a lot recently where to buy our new, special lower cost Agile 130. – At the moment the only company to stock these is Rio Grande.
Please see oue website or see our Youtube channel. Just type in Durston Rolling Mills.
Thanks again.
Matthew Durston

Here is the Durston YouTube channel which includes a product demos and video about the new Agile C130:

And here’s the new Agile C130 at Rio Grande (currently $849):