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Textured plates for rolling mills

The saga of my Pepe rolling mill has been a long one, but I never got
around to writing about it’s rebirth after the shaft broke while
rolling steel to steel hammer-texture plates.

I got it going again today… then it siezed up and I had to
completely disassemble it AGAIN and fix something I did that was
pretty dumb , so that it won’t sieze up anymore… I hope. A very
intense afternoon it was, but the job is done and I’m rolling again.

I have decided, for the near future, to work towards offering flat
plates for rolling textures. These will be hardened tool-steel plates
with various surfaces on them, all first-generation versions. None of
the 2nd gen. plates I was attempting to make by rolling steel to
steel. I’m not going to push the poor Pepe so hard again.

I haven’t figured out any prices yet, but as always, they will be as
reasonable as I can make them, but they won’t be dirt-cheap because
they won’t be mass-produced, which would more or less be the case if
could roll a bunch of 2nd gen plates off of a master.

Stay tuned…