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Textile Techniques in Metal

To Marc North. Marc,there is a Jewelry Artist who could be of help to
you:Michael David Sturlin,an Orchid-member too and a very charming
person;he specialized in crochet,mainly gold-wire necklaces combined
with gemstones.His In Oppi Untracht’s
book"Traditional Jewelry of India"there is a chapter on flexible
chain-belts and metal-fabric bands of various kinds. All the best

Would the Orchid member who was looking for Arline Fischs’ book
please contact me if you have not yet found a copy… I have an
extra copy…Just took some time to find it.


Hi Orchidites, I’m not looking for Arlines book (got it!) but I would
love to connect and correspond off line to anyone else doing textile
techniques in metal. I’ve been weaving 24k and platinum 28g wire and
am having a blast re-inventing my line. I would enjoy sharing
techniques and tips with any other weavers. (photos on my site soon)