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Textile Techniques in Metal and Oppi Untracht

To Marc: Welcome,welcome,welcome!I am very glad that my first
technical message was so useful to an Orchid-member.I am interested
in(Ancient)Metal Fabrics and have been doing researches on this field
for quite some time now.I’ve had a close look at chain-mail&-meshes,at
chain-making procedures and related structures(if you are interested
please have a look at the book of J.Reist-Smith and Jean
Reist-Stark"Classical Loop-in Loop Chains and their
Derivates;wonderful,richly detailed,you would like it)and various
other kinds of flexible metal-bands.There are also some indications in
Oppi Untracht’s publication on’Jewelry Concepts and Technology’.And
that leads me to my next message For Julia,the O.Untracht-fan: I have
three books of Mr.Untracht,of course the one you mentioned in your
mail;then there also exists the title’Metal Techniques for
Craftsmen’and the absolutely fascinating book’Traditional Jewelry of
India’!!!You will be amazed…Maybe you know them already.You might
find more interesting books about Jewelry and Jewelry-making plus
links on search-engine’’,keyword"Oppi Untracht";please
also have a look at Alan Revere’s books.A’must’for every goldsmith!
General Request: Is there any Orchid-member who could help me find
e-mail addresses of Oppi Untracht,Jewelry Historian and Author Jack
Ogden&Co.Author Dyfri Williams or any other Jewelry Historian’
Assiciation)? Thank you in advance. Sigrid