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Testing 950 Palladium and Platinum

We are working with quite a bit more 950 palladium these days. We
now stock 950 palladium heads along with platinum and white gold

A problem is that we don’t know of a good test to tell the 950
palladium from the platinum, other than the weight of the pd is much
less. But that doesn’t help us when is a component of a ring for
instance. It’s becoming sort of a pain as we go to scrap and try to
separate the pd from the pt.

Anyway, anybody know of a good test to tell them apart?


Hello Mark, Iodine will stain palladium, but not platinum. It is an
accepted testing method.

Have fun.
Tom Arnold


It has been reported by Mark Mann of PAI (tip of the hat to Mark)
that iodine will discolor palladium, and is easily polished off.
Platinum does not react at all. Made me curious if iodine would be
for 950 palladium what liver of sulphur is for silver. Has anyone
tried it yet? May be I will at the next palladium seminar.

Daniel Ballard
Precious Metals West

You might try Iodine. If the metal turns black it is Palladium, if it
turns colorless it is platinum.

Andy The Tool Guy Kroungold
Phone 800-877-7777 ext 4194

Hi Andy,

Seriously, would this iodine stain last long enough to be a
deliberate patina do you think?

Daniel Ballard
Precious Metals West
National Sales Manager

I use iodine regularly to check for old seams, before I start a
repair. I tried it on platinum and palladium, and saw no reaction on
either metal.