Testers for Brownpolymer

Back again I have successfully made the polymer with all organic
compounds. and it appears to be the same. But using it will tell. It
took me years of playing with the old stuff to see what it will do.
I’m hoping the new will be better and won’t depend on dino oil, Just
the farmers to grow it. I’m also going to be reselling a product that
is made in a small shop like me they have a hand cleaner that removes
any thing that gets on your hands that wont come off. And is safe for
the environment. The name is “Red Bear Hand Cleaner”

Just email me a address and I will send a 1/4 oz of the new polymer
for testing, all I ask is that you write me the results and post good
or bad what you like and dislike. The reason for the change 1. is the
oil compound is getting hard to get and 2. Many have wrote back and
ask if I could make all organic mix I found a organic oil that hade
the right properties and it worked.

I’m working on a liquid version. The model I have made is clumpy
like bad gravy and I’m working on a way to homogenized and smooth out
the lumps and keep it liquid. Some what difficult with out a big lab
and a big budget it would be great TV just to see how I get around

Thanks Randy
AKA Enjen Joes