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Terrific gemstone reference book

people - i just bought another book online for my reference library:
NATIONAL GEM COLLECTION, packed with over 10,000 gemstones & pieces
of jewelry in the ‘national museum of natural history’ at the
smithsonian. it has everything from the ‘hope diamond’ (named for the
prayer of the miner who found it, "boy, do i hope this is a diamond!)
to the ‘hooker emerald’ (which i think is self-explanatory). it made
me want to get back to washington, d.c., jump off of the metro, race
through union station, take off my tevas & run barefoot through the
museum’s gem show cases - again!

it’s still shrink wrapped & the price was $14.00 + $3.50 shipping. i
do not get a commission & i don’t know how many the seller still has,
but this is a book that would probably pass inspection of some of
orchid’s ‘maiden-aunt-nitty-pickers’. the email address is: -

happy emerald collector -