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Tent suggestions

Hi, We have had this whole conversation fairly recently on Orchid. I
just thoght I would do a quickie on personal experience. I used an
EZ-UP for 3 yrs. I have nothing against them as a starter tent when
you want to spend little money. But given that all the tents are
properly staked and set-up those Sams Club quality tents will be the
first ones in a heap on the ground, without a top (rain puddling on
top)with the sides flapping off(the velcro doesn’t hole) or up in a
tree. You can of course buy heavier, more expensive EZ-Ups from the

When I used the EZ-Up I was a careful staker, good with weights,
always lowered my tent down to the ground for the night, put pvc bent
into moon shapes in the corners to keep my tent from puddling up on
top, used huge heavy clamps to keep the top attached etc. I lost my top
multiple times. Two of my feet broke off, my leg bent. Those tents are
simply not made for that kind of use. I have seen MANY of those tent
destroyed along with the things in them but very few craft huts/light
domes down. In this case you really are getting what you pay for. I am
a 5’7 female and putting up my light dome alone is not a problem at
all. Heck, I could do it alone 8 months pregnant.

I guess I am saying, do what you need to do to get started but don’t
leave anything you can’t affort to lose in any tent overnight (I have
been robbed as well), and think a little harder even in the Sams club
quality EZ-UP.