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Temporarily Down for Upgrading

We are presently in the middle of a major upgrade of our hardware here
at Ganoksin. Unfortunately, the transition has not gone as smoothly
as anticipated.
We would like to apologise for the delays in processing your postings - I hope
you will all bear with us just another day while we complete our (long over
due) upgrade of our system.

Hi Hanuman,

Don’t worry, this will not be an inconvenience for most of us, I
think, customers of AOL being used to quite other things from
what I’ve read. And my provider, who poses as the biggest in
Europe, has sent out new software 4 weeks ago and it still
doesn’t work, I can only get access with the old version.

And for what we all get from you and the other members of
orchid, a day or two is not a great sacrifice.

Thank you, Markus

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Glad your’re back… How do the people add their comments onto
your letter???calgang