Temperature settings on digital wax pens

Hi everyone,

I just purchased my first digital wax pen. I purposely got the
digital one so I wouldn’t have to play with the settings. However,
I’m finding that I have to set the temperature MUCH higher than the
manufacturers say is necessary to melt the waxes.

If you use a digital wax pen, please send a quick reply as to
whether or not you have experienced this. I’d appreciate a reply
either way, and if you’d like, please include what machine you use.

Thank you,
Lisa Laugh

Hi Lisa

You want to get the tip hot enough to melt the wax, but so there
isn’t smoke coming from it. I’m sure various waxes have different
melting temps so I can’t imagine that the instructions that came with
the wax pen are anything more than a guideline.

Stanley Bright
A&M Jewelers
Baltimore, MD