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Tecno X reincarnated

We just finished field testing the new version of the Tecno X
handpiece from a new manufacturer (the original manufacturer went
out of business, as you all know). The field test was performed at
a production house where the old Tecno X was used extensively. The
new Tecno X passed their tests with flying colors.

We have a limited stock of these handpieces right now but expect to
have more within the month (August). The new Tecno X looks the same
and, according to our testers, works the same as the original.

You can see it at:

Best Regards,
Elaine Corwin
VP Tech Services
Gesswein Co. Inc.
Orders: 1-800-243-4466
Fax: 203-366-3953

Hello, Your link was broken to the Tecno X…here is one that should

The Tecno X is my very favorite handpiece of all time. Glad to hear
it’s back in production. I’d recommend it for anyone who uses the
flex shaft regularly because of the quick change feature. It saves me
alot of time.

Bonnie Blandford