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Techniques basic


Hello for all My name is Andre Tadeu and I inhabit in Sao Pablo -
Brazil . I know the techniques basic to put would like to receive
how to from as to make necklaces, ring’s and other objects, using
silver , mainly as the techniques used in Bali - Indonesia .
tanks all and the any sent material


Hi Andre, Most of the jewelry from Bali is of the granulation type.
It may be cast afterwards, but the original is granulation. A great
article on granulation by Sandra Buchholz can be found on my web
page, along with links to several other granulation links. For an
excellent article on high-karat gold granulation, see “Granulation"
by Cecelia Bauer in the Hoover and Strong catalog, 1996-1997, p 21.
For an excellent article on sterling silver granulation, see
"Sterling Granulation” by John Cogswell in Metals Technic,
Brynmorgen Press, 1992, p.3.

And Jean Stark teaches a class several times a year on Granulation.

Love and God Bless
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