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Technique Advice

I would like to make this ring and am looking for advice on crafting the various parts. Since it is a 4 piece ring with the three center parts able to move, my thought are to initially cast the parts then hammer finish. I have a jewelry lathe and am considering using a tool to roll the edges once assembled.

All ideas welcome. Remember I’m a novice and hobbyist…

It’s a good plan except I would fabricate the components instead. Make sure you anneal the base ring before assembling and flaring the ends so it does not crack or split.

You can cast the pieces. Make the base ring small enough to slip the others over it. You can then stretch this base up to the correct size. Also, you do not have to actually “hammer” anything. You can create the finish by making divots with a rubber wheel. Have fun. tom

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@rc2 and @TomArnold thank you both for valuable insights. Appreciated

Not knowing what tools you have, nor what your experience level is, I would suggest fabricating it using sheet and/or wire. Using a jeweler’s saw or shears, cut out a strip of metal of the necessary length and width for the band., solder the band and round on a ring mandrel. Do the same to two pieces of wire slightly larger around than the main band. Cut a srtip for the center spinner, texture, solder and round. Using a dapping punch or a ball bearing of a circumference slightly larger than the inside diameter of the main band, and a steel bench block or some other flat steel surface, place the band on stand tap the ball so as to flare one side of the band. Place the spinners on the band and flare the other side and finish. This procedure assumes you know how to do the soldering necessary to make the bands. If not, this would be a great time to learn.

Jerry in Kodiak

I’m with Jerry and Bob. Fabricate it. With just hammers, torch, solder and
a ring mandrel I could make this ring in just about an hour.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
-Jo Haemer

If you’re not sure how to proceed, there are quite a few Spinner Ring tutorials on YouTube.

Have fun,

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Thanks @Pam6 Would not have thought of looking there.

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If you have something like the following then you would have to cast the pieces.

But in your case it would be very easy and quick to create your ring from scratch using wire or strips.
I use a steel block and dapping punch to flare the base ring.
And… I also use a hammer for the texture. Quick, painless and easy!

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Engraving an inscription is always better than casting it. And when you take into account clean up time and the labor cost of bad castings, laser engraving or CNC milling wouldn’t add much to the price.


 I fail to see why you think it would be necessary to cast the piece you mention.

Jerry in Kodiak

@arielrud and @ScuffedShoes - thanks for th comments. I guess I should have emphasized 2 things. 1) it will most likely be a one-off for me. 2) the selection of the style is the result of Netflix “Merlin” the series the wie and I just finished.
Thanks again. Regards RLW

@jholtak I took it that @arielrud was fulfilling my original question “looking for advice”. BTW any advice to add?
Regards RLW