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Technical Platinum Source Book and CD

Hi all, I am pleased to announce that the Source Book III is now
available free of charge from Platinum Guild International USA.
This reference contains sources for everything from tools to
casters, from findings to schools. It is a spiral bound 8 1/2 x 5
1/2" book. The entire version is also on the CD that comes with
the book. All four PGI technical publications, “The Platinum
Manufacturing Process I-II-II-IV” are also on this CD as a PDF
file. These books contain the papers presented at the famous
Platinum Day Symposium, which is held annually in New York and
Los Angeles. With the Acrobat Reader, that is supplied on the CD,
you can read these important papers on your computer like reading
a book. There are several other publications and articles on this
wonderful CD. I would like to thank Mr. Bob Mitchell for doing
such a great job in putting this important resource togehter for
us. The same is also available on PGI’s technical web
site and can be down loaded. we are at To obtain the free Source Book
and the CD, just fax a request on your letter head to Platinum
Guild International USA, attn: Jurgen J. Maerz at 949 760-8780

have a platinum day
Jurgen J. Maerz
Manager of Technical Education
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler

Does this book contain wholesalers of finished platinum jewerly?


Thanks for sending me the source book and CD. I popped mine in
and its amazingly easy to access the from the CD.
No more scrounging threw all my books to find the inf. I need. I
seem to spend a lot of time looking threw books for my research
papers and such. Well hope to see you in Tucson…


No, this source book is for the bench jeweler and manufacturer
and is something like technical yellow pages…you can find
equipment, materials, metals, semi finished products sources and
schools. On the CD, which is shipped with the book, you can also
find most of our technical publications. The book you are
looking for is our Catalogue edition VI, which is currently no
longer available. Edition VII will be issued in Spring. Just fax
a request and you will be placed on our mailing list 949 760-8780

have a platinum day
Jurgen J. Maerz
Manager of Technical Education
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler