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Technical help


Just found Rio Grande on the net. They
have a technical advice section where you can ask technical
questions about just about anything. I had a question about one of
their tools. I sent an e-mail last night and received a call back
this morning. The Rio Grande person who called was very helpful and
answered my questions. Just thought I would pass this info on. I am
not connected with them etc. Hope the holiday season brings great
success to all of you. Lee Epperson


I got a letter from Rio yesterday listing my backorders and asking
that if I wanted to cancel any of them I could simply mark the
respective items and fax the page back. I thought that was pretty
innovative. I’m satisfied that Rio is on the road to recovery.



We got the same letter, and the fax number was busy the first three
times I tried it. I used the other #800 fax number in my catalog
and it went through. One of their sales people called me back to
confirm they got it, and said as soon as they sent a letter with the
new phone number they started getting orders jamming the line on
that too. On the items I didn’t cancel, I did get a phone call
Saturday morning (!) to confirm that I still wanted a product
shipped (she told me they are only calling on COD backorders until
after Christmas).