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-TechForm---what are your charges?


Interested to hear you specialize in Pt. I know we all want to
watch how much of a commercial we put on the list and not be too
crass, but I, for one, would like an idea of what your charges
are for casting. Are you like my local wholesale caster and
charge me by the gram for the finished (or compelted but not
finished) casting? I think others on the list might be
interested on this info, too.

Dear Jess,

I don’t know which alloy you prefer, but the most popular (and
the best from a casting standpoint) is 900Pt alloyed with
iridium. Today’s price for this alloy is 34.99 per DWT. We also
have a $35.00 flask fee. If you are a fan of Pt950 alloyed with
cobalt or ruthenium, the price is $35.75 per DWT, a little higher
due to the Pt content. Many people find that the cobalt can be
difficult to work with, primarily due to oxidation when heat is
applied. The ruthenium is a better choice for most 950 needs.
Regarding finish, we supply castings in the unfinished condition,
ready for finishing and polishing. At the risk of sounding too
"commercial" our castings do take much less bench time due to
the higher density of our product and the low level of porosity.
Thanks for your interest!

Dear John,

Thanks for your inquiry, but that must have been someone else
you saw in Modern Jeweler. Is there another TechForm in the
jewelry industry? Let me know if there is or if you want, fax the
ad to me at 503-652-6152. Thanks,