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Teaching the staff how repairs are done

Training the sales staff in how repairs and custom are done by a
jeweler is the best way to increase average sale price and closing

When I first brought the Geller Price Book into my store we all
stayed late one Monday evening for pizza and coke. For 3 hours we
went quickly over the book, page by page, explaining why we charge
these prices and what to say to customers concerned about price.

Then every other Friday we had an hour sales meeting. The first 15
minutes was about the price book, starting on page 1, we went
thoroughly one page at a time. In 15 minutes we’d look at maybe 15
pages and start again at the next meeting. It took 6 months to now go
through the book and that made the staff experts in the csutomer’s

The other 3 fifteen minute segments were related to:

Product knowledge
General store and vendor news

But some of the best training was to teach the staff HOW a job was

Showing and explaining how heat travels, what stones we have to look
out for when using heat, how long and tedious a job is and then
sharing how to explain it to a customer. After all many times a
customer can’t understand what we are going to do to their jewelry.
It has to be explained.

I have brought together from all over the internet a group of videos
your staff can look at and learn from. These range from an easy 4 to
8 minutes each.

Go to this URL to see the training videos

or to my website

and 2nd from the bottom left choose “How are repairs done”

Unlike our price book training videos, these have no password
requirement to view them. Feel free to share them at the store and
with other jewelers.

Here are some of the subjects on the training videos and some
pictures you’d see when you start:

Sizing a ring with a torch

Sizing a ring with a laser

Tipping a prong, one picture with a torch, another done with a laser

Hand carving a wax

Using cad/Cam to produce a wax and also shows how waxes are
invested, cast, filed up and polished into a finished ring

Refinishing, checking stores and rhodium plating a ring

Setting a diamond

There are a few more and if you have a short “how to” video and
would like to share it send me a link and I’ll post it if it blends
in with these.

So send your staff to this link to watch the instructional “how do
they do that” training videos covering repair and custom design

David Geller
Director of Shop’s Profits