Teachers in London

Hi there,

I just moved to London a few weeks ago and am thinking of
starting jewelry classes again in sept. Does anyone have an
suggestions for classes/teachers?

I’ve been working with silver off and on for 6 yrs, but am still
a novice in many ways. Any help would be appreicated.

Whereabouts in London are you and do you want to take night
classes or day-time classes? Night classes are a bit tricky to
find, but there are lots of day-time classes. I attend a night
class in Chelsea, the equipment isd VERY basic, but the teacher
is fun and enthusiastic, so it works for me. Check out adult
education colleges and have a look in Floodlight (don’t buy it,
just go to your local library). There is also the Craft’s
Council, they should be able to put you onto a class in your

Ring me if you need any help.


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Rasha - you are fortunately in one of the greatest cities in the
world for metalsmith’s schools. First of all you can use the
resources of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths (in the City)
where all kinds of literature, resources and historical data are
available. Gratis. Also the Royal Academy of Art has some of the
finest schools and programs for metalsmiths. Finally, you can
inquire from an old friend of mine, David Thomas, a superb
goldsmith, whose atelier is still within London proper. He used
to teach at the Royal Academy (Mick Jagger was one of his early
students). If you are fortunate, he may still be teaching. Good
luck. I envy your opportunities. Kim Eric Lilot.

Hello Rasha Welcome to the UK. You wanted to know about Jewellery
classes in London. You should try Hatton Garden, which is
London’s Jewellery (English spelling) quarter. I know that the
Birmingham jewellery quarter is brimming with a multitude of
courses. I have been asked to teach one myself.

The Universities in London will also supply a good metalwork and
jewellery database of what is available in your area. The Crafts
Council in Islington (Angel Tube Station) would be a good place
to start.

I will find the number and let you know off list.

BrianS :0)

Brian S Saynor BA (Hons)