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Tatum Rolling Mill

thank you for the responses on the question of jet…thank you all for
being there. i have another question. I purchased a Tatum T-70 rolling
mill at auction. I’m very happy. But I have no on it and
wondered if there are any out there with this model.where I might be
able to find new rollers/parts if and when i need them. thank you in
advance. Lisa

Lisa…I have a Tatum rolling mill, but since Rio Grande stopped
carrying them, I can’t tell you where to buy new parts or rollers.
However, I doubt if you’ll ever need them if you use them properly.
I can tell you this. In the jewelry workshop at our local adult
education center, there’s a Tatum that’s been mauled, mangled,
misused and nearly murdered by beginners who haven’t yet learned to
respect machinery. Nevertheless, after being cleaned,
oiled,re-leveled and polished year after year, it has survived at
least twenty years with the original rollers and it still functions
well; so if i were you, I wouldn’t worry too much. Dee

Lisa, I have a Tatum made in Spain. I purchased it a number of
years ago from Allcraft. I never got any booklets or literature
with it, but Perhaps Allcraft can help you. It is a good mill—only
problem is that I only I have the flat rollers. I tried to get the
wire rollers for it but was unsuccessful. I have since purchased
a Karet mill which has wire and flat rollers… I keep the flat on the
tatum, and the wire on the the Karet as it saves switching back and
forth. Alma