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Tarnishing of silver

Dear all,

I have a business of silver articles mainly dealing with coins,
utensils, frames etc. From many years I have been facing problems in
finding the right packaging material to avoid tarnishing. The velvet
boxes that is most preferred among the customers results in blacking
(see attached figures) Also note the all the coins attached below
were laminated with plastic and kept in the velvet box. Can the coin
be pre packed in any way so that it doesn’t tarnish in the velvet
box. Also, apart from acrylic cases (less preferred among customers)
what are the other materials which would not to silver tarnishing.


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Hello Pankaj,

Where are you located? My experience is not to use the kind of boxes
you have put up pictures. I prefer coating silver coins using
lacquer. This seems to help. I use other decorative boxes which are
made of wood with cotton base no glue is used. Cheers Umesh

Some products are made with foam rubber which off gasses and
tarnishes sterling.

There are anti tarnish products. Bags and strips.