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Tarnished brass

I left flux on my brass pierced plate piece and not it is badly
tarnished. Can anyone tell me how to get the brass back to it’s


Simple really,

assuming you have removed the flux in the same way as you usually
do, ie if its water soluable and youve boiled in tap water, then any
domestic metal polish, like Brasso or Duraglit , or brillo pads or
fine cooking pot cleaning scotchbright is all you need.

then depending what finish you want on it, either polish it up prior
to laquering or a satin finish via a 1000 grit scotchbright wheel. 3M
make these.

I found at a car boot on Sunday a very nice 1800’s brass chest
handle and escutcheon plate.

All bent, dirty and corroded.

20 mins to straiten, scotch bright and polish and its now like new.
The problem I have is I need another to make a pair to put onto a
yew wooden chest im making!.

I can copy the escutcheon plate but the handle will have to lost wax

Bon Ami or Bartenders Friend powder cleans brass copper etc or I
know Rio Grande sells a pickle for brass if the powder cleanser does
not work.