Tanzanite & Pave

Thanks to all of you, for the prompt replies on paved Tanzanite.
Aaaanyway…The upshot is that I might as well attempt to pave talcum
powder…alas… Consider the thought abandoned. As of tomorrow, I
will be singing the praises of paveing sapphires to my customer. I
really appreciate all of you coming to my rescue.

Sigh…and if you haven’t guessed by now, the pave, wasn’t code, The
accent over the e, didn’t (java/html) translate. …hate not using
that accent… lame english speaking computers…and I do mean
lame…not lam-eh…, a-la Liberace…And there’s another accent gone
all to hell.

Lisa, (scanning the terrain for that relocated snake’s buddies, every
time I go out of the house…certain that they will arrive at my door
en masse, searching for him. …Paranoid? Moi?), Topanga, CA, USA