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Tanzanite & Pave Setting


Don’t use tanzanite in an unprotected mount on a bracelet! I would
consider pave an unprotected mount. This is a relatively fragile
stone, and benefits from not being subjected to sudden impacts; I
would guess that even doing the setting might result in a higher
breakage rate than you would experience with diamonds.

Jim Small from SMALL WONDERS


Byzantia, Yes, you can pave’ with Tanzanite but be very careful as it
is quite soft, 6 1/2 - 7 on the Mohs scale. It is available in sizes
that are appropriate.



Pave setting is most typically done with diamond or corundum stones

because of the inherent hardness of the stones. Tanzanite is not
nearly as durable and has a much greater risk of breakage when setting
in the pave style. During the pave setting the stones must be packed
in place in the metal with a brass pusher. Using 18k will make this
easier on the stone. Also there is traditionally a great deal of
graver work , raising beads and beading metal with beading tools that
stress the stones. I would expect that if you attempt this job to
expect about a 30% to 40% loss rate on the stones.

Tanzanite is not impossible to set , just not practical for anyone

but a professional stone setter.

Mark Maxwell
JMA instructor GIA


If you have little or no experience with Tanz I would not attempt to tackle
it in pave’.If you do decide to pave’ tanz buy extra stones and factor it
into your costs as you WILL break some.Also tanz is not a very durable stone
it tends to abrade if the wearer decides to keep it on every day depending
on the wearer I have seen tanzanite that had the table and crown in a ring
setting totally abraided within a year.It can be recut but you will lose
weight.I would try to talk the customer into another stone that is more
durable maybe sapphires.By the way my luthier(fancy title for guitar
mechanic)was bitten by a large rattler last weekend in his cabin in
Nebraska.The snake was lucky enough to strike a vein in his leg wich sent
venom much more quickly into his system.It is a miracle that he made it .He
is recuperating in a hospital.Watch those rattlers. Best

J Morley
(at sunny) Coyote Ridge Studio