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Tanzanite & Pav=E9 Setting


Hello all…I have just recently cast a large solid 18k bracelet.
My customer now wants me to pav=E9 part of an accent on the bracelet
with Tanzanite. Is this feasable? Being autodidactic, I have
little/no experience with Tanzanite. Is it hard enough to pav=E9, or i=
that a stupid question? Also, another ignorant question, I haven’t
seen it, but is it even cut in sizes condusive to pav=E9 work? I
understand from reading recent threads, that there has been mine
flooding, rendering the material somewhat inaccessible, so these may
even be moot questions. As always, I appreciate any info that all of
you kind, better schooled, ever so knowledgeable people can fill me in
on…Also…Thanks to everyone who wrote so that I could replace
their email addresses that I so inopportunely erased with my fun new
computer program. Ahh computers…just another venue in which I can
publicly showcase my technological ineptitude.

Lisa,(spent much of last night divesting myself of a 4’ long
rattlesnake, that had taken up residence in my atrium. As I walked
outside, I looked down just in time to see him stick his tongue out
to lick/smell my foot. Amazing how high and how far one can vertically
leap, given the proper incentive. He had been slithering in to snatch
eggs from the chicken that is now in the recovery cage in
there…don’t ask what she’s recovering from, its worse than the
snake…) Topanga, CA, USA