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Tanzanite - Jewel de la couronne


Tanzanite =96 Jewel de la couronne

As we are approaching new century, the popularity of Tanzanite
is soaring high. It is sought for mesmerizing unique combination
of purple and blue comparable to finest quality of Sapphires.
Just discovered in the later part of 20th century its popularity
is amazing. The only source of this stone is Tanzania in Africa
producing not enough quantities to meet demand from all over the
world. It is truly the ultimate price of gem safari.

Had this stone been discovered couple of centuries earlier, it
would have definitely found place in Royal Treasures and Crowns
of Kings and Queens; Mogul kings, famous for the passion of
jewels, would have given it equal importance as Diamonds and
other Precious stones. To signify this fact, I have come up with
a ring of Tanzanite in form of Crown, setting up Tanzanites with
diamonds. The ring may be viewed at:

GAF and Orchid Members, desiring to possess this Royal Crown
Ring may contact me off the list.

Don=92t you think that this gem may be promoted to the category of
Precious stones?

Neelam Khinvasara