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[Tampa / Clearwater] Seeking job

Hello all,

Well I think that we have all heard this line at some time in our
lives. If you haven’t you are very fortunate. Well that is what I got
this week. To top all of this off, we are looking at a major
hurricane bearing down on us in the next 24 hours. So I am just
having a swell week. I was a victim of my job being sent to a third
world country. I had a feeling that this was coming but after the
high season for the company. I worked for a company in the jewelry
display business. I recognize some of your names on this list as
being former or current customers.

Well I am not bitter about this whole thing. It is more of a kick in
the pants to move on and do other things. I have been wanting to work
more on my jewelry making skills. I had spoken to one company about a
training position that would lead to the bench. But I think when the
saw how much I was making at the job I was working then the did not
take me seriously.

So to my point. I am looking for a position in the Tampa/Clearwater
are in a Jewelry store. The company I was working for still wants me
to stay on but wants me to move to out side sales. This means a move
to Dallas TX. My wife has a good job here with 12 yrs seniority. So I
would really like to stay here in the are. I have shown some of my
work at the St Pete Art Center. I have had works in juried shows. I
have been invited to show in a few galleries in the area also. Please
contact me off the list for further discussion of any opportunities…

Rodney Carroll

Hello All,

If this e-mail sounds like I am having a conversations with myself,
it is because the Subject line was changed. The original title was
"Close the door and have a seat". Anyway this all happened with a
vacation already planned. These plans were delayed by Hurricane
Charley. We were very lucky Charley took a right turn and missed
Tampa. But he still unleashed his furry on other unlucky souls in
Punta Gorda and the surrounding area.

If anyone wants to contact me in regards to the original e-mail I
will be away until next Sunday.

Rodney Carroll