[Tampa Bay] Looking 4 Lapidary service

Hello Everybody!

I am in need of a lapidary to cut a custom cab stone for me. I have
designed a ring and had it cast for a stone that I have. The problem
is the stone (tsavorite) has natural inclustions. I have this great
fear of breaking this stone while trying to set it and I just love
the color of this stone. I should bezel set this one but I had thid
ideal for a ring and now I cannot go through with it. I am looking
for a stone cut in a blue-green tourmaline. They do not realy have to
be in my area but I would have other work for them also.

Rodney Carroll
RC Gems

Rodney, try Harry Kazanjian & Sons 213-624-4131. They have been in
business FOREVER in Los Angeles, selling gems and doing all kinds of
custom lapidary work.

You might also contact Hans Durstling here on Orchid list. He is a
cutter, and temporarily in Southern CA. David Barzilay, Lord of the