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Talc vs Mica

Good Morning Moldmakers, I have been following the moldmaking thread
with interest. A few people have mentioned talc for a separation
powder on no-cut molds. It has been mentioned also that talc may/does
contain asbestos. A better powder is mica powder. If you ever played
with mica, peeling the enless layers, you can understand that this
also happens on a minute scale. This action is very beneficial. It
aids separation with very little powder thereby giving you much better
parting lines. Since it too is a mineral, it will not react adversly
with natural or silicone rubbers. John,J.A.Henkel Co. Moldmaking,
Casting, Finishing ----

if talc contains asbestos why some people use it for babys . and
where can I get mica as an alternative for talc. thanks,

Hi Marcos, Try Contenti for mica powder. 1-800-343-3364. John,
J.A.Henkel Co., Inc. Moldmaking, Casting Finishing