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Taking my work on the road


I’m new to this field, and I will soon be bringing my work to a
gallery appointment to see if the owner of that gallery wants to sell
my work.

My question is - what’s the standard for carrying jewelry? I have a
small collection (all is handcrafted) and I want to make sure I come
off as professional, so my makeshift wooden box with tissue paper
won’t do anymore.

I’ve been flipping through the Rio Grand catalog, but heck! Velvet
rolls, jacquard foldovers, trays with velvet pad inserts,
suitcases… which to choose? What’s standard? What’s best?

I’ve toyed with the idea of boxing each of my items - instead of
bringing things in on trays - but I don’t know if that’s done.

Also, am I expected to provide my own boxes and displays? Is it a
good idea to bring some in as an option for her? I’m assuming she
wouldn’t turn away boxes for my items, but are displays perceived as

Any and all insight is welcome.
Many thanks,

Traditional jewelry displays: sectioned trays, chain rolls with
snaps, etc., are very convenient for the buyer and seller. You want
to make the process of showing your items easy for both. Anything
that works is ok, but it should probably be somewhat 'professional’
looking. One caution: it is a big, bad world out there, and there
are a bunch of folks who ‘make do’ by stealing from jewelry
salespeople. Don’t make yourself obvious ! If you’re carrying
valuable merchandise, DISGUISE it with an outer case or bag which
looks like something a ‘civilian’ might carry. NOT a suitcase or
even an attache case, but a large purse, a tourist’s plastic travel
bag, or even a backpack. I know a salesman who has a hard case which
fits inside a brown paper grocery bag!

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718

I saw a new one when it comes to carrying your goods in disguise. I
saw a pearl dealer carry his inventory in an meduim size Igloo
cooler. To top it off it looked like something that had been carried
around by a construction crew. So it was not even a new looking

Rodney Carroll
RC Gems